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If We Hold On Together

It's been an extraordinarily difficult year for 2020, and we still have real work to do to secure the future of the Malaysia business ecosystem. The partnership with the talent community is an important step towards helping venues and talents create, develop, and perform that we know are needed to keep the society alive. At its core, the Talents Mode Art Festival exists to support talents, and we are pleased to be able to offer so many different opportunities for arts and culture during this difficult time. In 2019, we worked with thousands of talents at all levels and received tremendous response from an estimated 50,000 cheering audience. It is sad to announce that we will have to cancel the exciting festival for 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talent Community Impact

Finding the funds required to achieve Talents Mode Art Festival ambitions while keeping the festival free to everyone is a real challenge.

Sponsors' generosity plays a vital role in making sure the Talents Mode Art Festival continues to be the most valuable platform for art and culture work in Malaysia. We depend on our long-standing supporting audience to continue presenting the highest artistic rigor's inspiring work.

We are grateful to all the partners, talents, crew, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who have helped us deliver to the present. Their support is invaluable.

Keep the Talents Mode Art Festival Free so that Everyone Can Enjoy It!

Organizations working with the Talents Mode Art Festival enjoy esteem partnerships, as your support is essential to the realization of our artistic and cultural events. Sponsorship can contribute in the form of cash donations, donations in kind, or skills donations. We can work closely with every individual organization to build a partnership that fits your values, missions, and project. It brings together SMEs motivated by artistic excitement and commitment to the Talents Mode Art Festival and international presence. Talents Mode provides its sponsors with a privileged relationship with the festival and the economic objective during shared moments and public relations operations.

Sponsoring the Talents Mode Art Festival is one of the most thoughtful investments that an organization can make in the world of arts and culture. We can provide your organization with a turnkey solution that offers an array of unmissable creative opportunities for businesses tailored to match key business objectives. There has never been a better time to get involved.

1. Talent to perform for your organization product launching event.
2. Talent to perform for your organization event.
3. Talent to perform during a store visit or site visit.
4. VIP invitations to Festival events get-togethers.
5. VIP invitations to Talents Mode Art Festival.
6. Host individual program and entertain corporate VIP guests at the performance venue.
7. Workshop session during Talents Mode Art Festival.

Individual program sponsorship is an excellent way to enhance one's corporate image and market one's brands. We have various sponsorship packages, including Individual Programme Sponsorship, Title Sponsorship, Series Sponsorship, Outreach Sponsorship, Bespoke Sponsorship, all tailor-made to meet your organization's branding and its purposes.

Individual Programme Sponsorship
An organization can choose to sponsor one program that best fits its interests and needs. Program sponsors are acknowledged in most publicity elements related to the sponsored program.

Title Sponsorship
An organization can also choose to sponsor the entire theme program's performances and become its exclusive title sponsor. The sponsor's name will appear in the title of the theme program.

Series Sponsorship
Series sponsors, usually making multi-commitments, support several combined programs to form a series with distinct focus and positioning.

Outreach Sponsorship
Outreach sponsorship scheme is designed based on program nature, community needs, and the sponsor's CSR direction.

Bespoke Sponsorship
Bespoke sponsorship packages and partnerships are created to align your prestigious brand integrated with Talents Mode Art Festival and create meaningful connections with new audiences.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Demonstrate your corporation's commitment to good CSR by contributing to the community.
  • Strengthen your corporate brand association with the most extraordinary arts and cultural celebration on the Talents Mode Art Festival.
  • Invest in the future development of art and cultural community and nurture artistic talents and arts audiences.
  • Build awareness and positive perception for your corporate or product brand through extensive brand exposure in Talents Mode Art Festival events and publications.
  • Logo acknowledgment in the Talents Mode Art Festival online promotional channels, festival publications, and on-site logo acknowledgment.
  • Raised awareness – 70,000 cheering audience expected to come.
  • Talents reach – access 5000 talents from all over Malaysia.
  • Web, app, email bulletin, and social media – we target to reach 100,000 visits.
  • Press Media awareness – major newspaper and online news media.
  • PR and experiential – we can give audiences a taste of your prestigious brand.
  • Targeted audiences – We love to hear about your objectives and how we could collaborate.


Talents Mode Art Festival's diverse roster of performances are aimed at precision, specific target markets; one or several of them will match yours. Have your organization contribute a part to sustain the life of the Talents Mode Art Festival. We hope you will join us in realizing many “NEU” experiences and memorable moments.

Build Strong Talent Community Talentsmode

Build Strong Community Around

Talents Mode Art Festival takes place on April 9th – 11th 2021 with its intention to strengthen the local community through art-based educational activities and stands at the forefront of the development and promotion of Talents Mode art trends in all levels of artistry sectors.

Support Talent Talentsmode

Support Talents in Difficult Time

We are proud to support the Talents Mode Art Festival at what is an incredibly difficult time for the talent industries and many other industries. Creating this exciting event is innovative and enables our nation to come together when social connections are needed more than ever!

Magical Moment Experience Talentsmode

It's a Magical Moment Experience

This “magical moment” will entail engaging the audience physical presence to a full enjoyable moment that is essentially joyful and playful. It might be your first art experience, which can open up the worlds, create new ideas and enthusiasm. Some Interesting Surprise!

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