About Talents Mode Art Festival Event 2021

For Talents

For Talents

Talents ~ Brightest Minds in Innovation Creativity

The future is yours to tell your story!
We hear your call out in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe it is about time talents should do our part to heal the necessitous society multiple traumas of this pandemic and reinforce itself before we get out of touch. We are all devoted to acts of ethics to gift-giving. A gift's value is unconditional and expects no return or an exchange for something of equal value. Many choices, chances, and change rule life.

We believe your participation is a gift given to the transformative change in personal or social. Everyone is invited to work and play in Talents Mode Art Festival that benefits everyone in our living world with an open heart.

Ideas lying around have value. Talents Mode Art Festival provides an opportunity for talents brave enough to get out of your comfortable sofa and the will to make it happen. Masterpiece often thrives in times of crisis, turmoil, and chaos. We believe that every homegrown talent should have the chance to pull through the threads and experience live performance thrill. We are all storyteller. Every talent artwork has a story of their own and ultimately. 

As a self-reliant community, we believe the responsibility of developing and art performing lies with each and every one of us. All of us are custodians of the art and culture – when the opportunity presents itself, and we shall ignite our ability to contribute.

Furthermore, talents can connect with recognized industry connectors, supporters, and the possibility of corporation collaboration with our sponsors. We are here to provide you with the support, guidance, and resources necessary to share your storytelling and build your talent career capital.

The choice is yours to tell your story.

In the meantime, look after each other and stay safe.

Why Talent participate in Talents Mode Art Festival

There are hundreds of reasons, and perhaps these maybe some of it.

  1. Maximum stardom publicity
  2. First time live performing 
  3. Free and open platform to show your creative artistry
  4. 50,000 eagerly waiting audiences to cheer
  5. Marketing campaign and promote your new song, moves, artwork, or something ‘NEU.'
  6. Create an opportunity to explore stage performances.
  7. Draw attention to corporate collaboration.
  8. Engage in commercial opportunities.
  9. Get social media coverage and press news.
  10. Goal to expand your network of industry connections.

Whatever is your reasons, get the engine started and add value to your career capital.


What would be the value of the Talents Mode Art Festival to you?

  1. MCMC licensed is paid! So let's get crazy in your wildest imaginary creation. 
  2. Event press release, launches, reception or promotion. You will be invited.
  3. Photo and video shooting, production or creation. Please join us.
  4. Be ready for press – Make sure that you put on your best smile and have your storytelling ready by the time when opportunity knocks and media will start asking questions.
  5. Prepare your pitch – Be ready to talk about your artwork to the people you will meet during the event.
  6. Your past artwork listing in Talentoire will be available to the audience before and after the event performance for a artwork opportunity to anyone.
  7. Our audience and media reviews campaign allows any registered ‘FRIEND' to post ‘LIKE' on your art performance. 
  8. Marketing, advertise and promote Talents, event program to social media web advertising, and maximum press coverage.
Become a Star

What's NEXT

  • Promote you to our event night performance
  • Corporate commercial collaboration
  • Performer showcase opportunities
  • Sponsor visits
  • Sponsor performance opportunity
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