About Talents Mode Art Festival Event 2021

Our Story

Our Story

Our Passion Project

In 2020, our founders recognized that so many talents shared their struggle to perform their aptitude and depended upon saving to make ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic. Talents crave for a free and welcoming place for people to discover their art. That's where Talents Mode Art Festival idea of history was born to provide an open and free platform, not just about talents. It is about supporting all levels of talents the opportunity to show their artistry, ability to cheer peoples, win the heart of the fans, applause from audiences, and perhaps with some luck, it might expand commercial possibilities, create for a new signature work and distribution of art. 

Dedicated and enthusiastic about bringing up new talents and bringing the world to know about brilliance talents is hugely exciting. Talents Mode is an art Festival encouraging new, established talents and some famous international names coming from all over Malaysia to collaborate, including a vast range of ages and different races. Talents Mode Art Festival will have many cross interaction showcasing cultural art, contemporary art, traditional art, performing art, classical art, street art, crossover art, ad-hoc art, fine art, chic art, dare to try ‘NEU' ideas, and many more. It's kind of incredible.

Talents Mode Our Story

Our founding principle is to encourage one another to create art, which in our perception an essential element to a fulfilling humanity life and cultural cachet to the world of Talents Mode. All art is imbued with the energy and passion a talent breathes into it. Their power can help us realize our physical and emotional goals and desires. Art makes a person productive, our sense of being, purest expression of happiness (Laughter), sense of wellness, touch a human soul, and a better multi-cultural society as a whole that inspire, guide, and challenges the next generation for self-development. 

The year 2021 Talents Mode Art Festival timing is perfect for all talents, and everyone to deserves a chance to experience, appreciate, and showcase their brilliance art for a better life to enrich others and inspire itself.

One of our founders has more than fifty years of talent capital and remains interesting in the thriving community of artists, talents, educators, and art-enthusiasts. Continuing his passionate mission of discovering art has never been more comfortable or more enjoyable in people's everyday life. He has always enjoyed being party to the talent truly great creative development. Watching talents collaborative journey and witnessing fascinating alchemy was a mix of diverse cultural influences a national unity.

Plan Your Visit!

We make every effort to ensure Talents Mode Art Festival is made for you to live, work, learn, and play. Come to witness a burst of inspiration right in front of your eyes - you don't need to be a genius to appreciate good talent art! Full Program for all stages :
There are 3 main stages in Talents Mode Art Festival with many different zones. On the Vanity stage, all show presentations and live music bands are performing. Main stage will feature the best of K pop and the Center Stage for the silent performance.

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