About Talents Mode Art Festival Event 2021



Strategic Partners

Every partnership is unique

We inspire and nurture creativity and provide opportunities for our region’s children, young, and even senior to grow, learn, develop, have fun, and have lifelong creative experiences. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to continue to bring top talents to this city.

Our mission is to enrich the most valuable creative and cultural activities experiences offer by supporting, creating, and facilitating Talents Mode Art Festival partnerships and networks in which we work.

As a self-reliant community, we believe the responsibility of developing and educating art and culture lies with each and every one of us. All of us are custodians of the art and culture – when the opportunity presents itself, and we shall ignite our ability to contribute.

Talents Mode Art Festival brings tens of thousands of people together in celebration – it had drawn an estimated 50,000 people to Velocity in 2019. Consider this a huge success.  And we are looking forward to the year 2021 Talents Mode Art Festival.

Partnerships & Projects

We are looking to invite your prestigious organization to build sustainable relationships with us to ensure the Talents Mode Art Festival Strategic Partnership Program collaboration.

Our partnering strategy is tailored to suit the outcomes sought by each strategic organization: 

You may want to share your valuable art spirit and achieve goodwill for your organization and build brand values of creativity and innovation, we invite you to take part –

  • Talents to perform art cultural activities in Talents Mode Art Festival.
  • Talents to perform in commercial events.
  • Talents to participate in an e-learning platform (NEU SKILL).
  • Volunteers to discover real-world art experience through a practicum program.
  • To participate in the workshop, conference, open forum session.
  • To exchange valuable art experience.
  • Grant your organization common logo for the branding campaign. 
  • Spokesman/woman to endorse and support Talents Mode Art Festival.
  • Bespoke collaboration or suggest your significant role involvement.

Every partnership is unique, and we should work together harmoniously to look after our community.

Build Strong Talent Community Talentsmode

Build Strong Community Around

Talents Mode Art Festival takes place on April 9th – 11th 2021 with its intention to strengthen the local community through art-based educational activities and stands at the forefront of the development and promotion of Talents Mode art trends in all levels of artistry sectors.

Support Talent Talentsmode

Support Talents in Difficult Time

We are proud to support the Talents Mode Art Festival at what is an incredibly difficult time for the talent industries and many other industries. Creating this exciting event is innovative and enables our nation to come together when social connections are needed more than ever!

Magical Moment Experience Talentsmode

It's a Magical Moment Experience

This “magical moment” will entail engaging the audience physical presence to a full enjoyable moment that is essentially joyful and playful. It might be your first art experience, which can open up the worlds, create new ideas and enthusiasm. Some Interesting Surprise!

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