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Talent Way Of Life

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~ Talent Way Of Life ~

Talent and art are forever entwined. Art is not one-dimensional. Today, it is freestyle-driven; it is a more spontaneous lifestyle led; it is a balanced mix of how we live and work. It is no doubt symptomatic of the era.

The concept of Talents Mode point of origin is to express all the priorities of modernity and sharing its cultural art roots. Art is imperative, that is, absolute contemporariness and must be consistently observed.   A costume for the stage might evoke historical accuracy, but part of the art may transcend historical copy and be an absolute part of the present. 

The institution of Talents Mode adheres to the procedural difference's modes of characteristic production, provenance representation, idolatry reception, and connected to the emergence of its structural significance in their signature creation and dissemination of masterpiece. 

Market demand constant change as an intellectual, aesthetic, and, above all, economic stimulus for modern times. The timing qualifies the term as denoting art produced according to a particular seasonal rhythm and an effect on distinctive artistry popularization within a common-ground society that can be easily explained as ‘Style' 

Whereby some artistic reflections of consumer society and the culture industry caused an ambivalent intimacy between Modern and Conventional. Any attempt is fearless when it comes to mashing contrasting elements together. Making things ‘NEU' is arguably destined to trigger tensions and set a field of reference in which the challenges and perils of modern life are glamorously played out. Sometimes that collision of sensibility is comical, and sometimes it is confrontational.

Must the ‘NEU' always involve such friction? 

Talents Mode Talent way of Life

The shifting priorities of ideal contemporary art between talent and tastemaker were understood based on temporal and spatial aspects and no longer as an unchangeable cogent. Its consumption has shifted from edification to entertainment. The winning approach formula is to get into the hearts, brains, and eyes of the spectators.

Dynamic art allows ideas to take flight and carte blanche to create their art rendition beyond the boundaries of art, and yet a business at the same time.  Art without Talent monetization obliges some regrets in the economic paradigm. If art does not serve the economic paradigm, is yet to complete

Today, in our fast-paced digital world and a saturated market drives increasing demand for the ‘What's Next'. What motivates talent is the desire to create a cult status that is timeless. Art intends to be everlasting—the greatest achievement of a talent is to create a ‘Classic NEU'— in order to be accepted as a substantial cultural fact, yet simultaneously needs to reinvent itself and proclaim a new style that supplants the previous one as well as conceptual reasons.

Creative talent integrated spirit and energy are rarely immersed in the bubble of their own restriction but absorb a wealth of ideas around them. Innovation and inspiration that accompanies talent creative is that it draws from a plethora of sources and amalgamates into fresh art and became living expressions of art.

Talent art convergence is a perfect marriage of creativity, innovation, technology, communication, utility and symbiotically influences and evolves, which may be social, physical, musical, visual, personal or any form of communication and how these have driven change in what they do, what they see, and what they experience is interconnected and interrelated. 

Talent is a manifestation of art and in the process connect to the essence and universality of who they are, who they aspire to be, their version of what is going on, where they are going and in their limited edition of art. It is natural that the flamboyant talent would find an aesthetic synergy with the surrealist and futuristic creating their renowned creation because every unique talent creates their little story.

What's your story ~ My Life in Art

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We make every effort to ensure Talents Mode Art Festival is made for you to live, work, learn, and play. Come to witness a burst of inspiration right in front of your eyes - you don't need to be a genius to appreciate good talent art! Full Program for all stages :
There are 3 main stages in Talents Mode Art Festival with many different zones. On the Vanity stage, all show presentations and live music bands are performing. Main stage will feature the best of K pop and the Center Stage for the silent performance.

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