About Talents Mode Art Festival Event 2021

Talents Mode Art Festival Event Introduction

Talents Mode Art Festival Event Introduction


Our hearts go out to the front line healthcare professionals, to everyone working for a harmonious society and country integration, and to those affected by this Covid-19 pandemic. Encouragement from the face of adversity is an inspiration to all of us. Public health must and always will come first.

Our thoughts too are with the many thousands of talents – artists, dancer, actors, educators, directors, writers, producers, reviewers, venues, and backstage supporters whose careers have been put on hold over since March 2020. 

We are all living in a very interesting era. We move from one crisis to another. We suffer one disturbance and shock after another. However, we will manage to survive and move forward. 

In times of significant change, we should all realized that we must pay attention to the world's evolution. The year 2021 should have many challenges we must face, well aware of the many obstacles that invoke periods of uncertainty, crisis, and turmoil. Still, it could also only be an invitation always to view,  able to navigate challenges to overcome all simplifying attitudes in life. We must not fall into the trap of letting ourselves be guided by the environment, but instead must make free choices and, by all means. That everything connects with everything else. We, too, must pay great attention to our primary life mission, something which, by its very nature – Be Happy, and we must hold true to that spirit.

In our activity, we must give meaning to this historical evolution. More than any other art festival of its kind, it offers a place for cultural and art intellectual nourishment.

With all that aligned in mind, our little aim is to bring some much-needed joy to our devoted audiences encountering with art, a meaningful role in the life for the national unity and cohesion, will do everything we can to support some great talents and stimulate sales for some struggling small business in the weeks and months ahead.

Talentsmode talent

We are proud to support the Talents Mode Art Festival at what is an incredibly difficult time for the talent industries and many other industries. Creating this exciting event is innovative and enables our nation to come together when social connections are needed more than ever—the story of critical moments diverse ways of making sense of the world.

We look forward to welcoming its public to a broad experience of the deep involvement, absorption and creative learning that art makes possible. Is also be the event to give local audiences, who make up a large part of our public in April 2021 an opportunity to feel proud and enthusiastic.

Our goal of the idea of art is embedded principally in bonding – first between Talent and Art, and then between art and audience. As human happiness depends on substantive communication, and we are driven to both create and find meaning, and to connect with others. It hopes to inspire what is most important that art festival what it puts on performing, but how audiences can use their experience of the art festival afterward, to confront everyday realities by imagining futures of transformation and with new energies to push through. An art festival should open people's eyes to previously unresolved past anxieties globally and thus change their view of this present world.

History and ambitiously to run head-to-head and successful for Talents Mode Art Festival relies on the heart of Greater KL city ( Velocity Shopping Mall ) and its Malaysian. We are committed to living the rhythm of the art festival and in the spirit of the KL. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is welcome. The whole KL city is alive with hope, pleasure, and possibility.

The whole Talents Mode Art Festival experience is free. It means that families, in particular, have a wonderful time to surprise their children to cultivate art connections and inspiring action through meaningful, shared art experiences, which otherwise would not be possible. It might be your first art experience, which can open up the worlds, create new ideas and enthusiasm. ‘Is a magical moment'. 

This ‘magical moment' will engage the physical audience in a thoroughly enjoyable moment that is essentially joyful and playful. Consider that it is when we talents that we are most fully ‘human' and most possible to convey an affinity and aligned with our vital message (Some Interesting Surprise) of art being performed. Understanding them will unlock the magic of the experiences beneficial to you.

In short, our mission is simple, albeit not easy: to offer an open platform and free venue to have a close encounter with the audience and offer visitors an open-access and eye-opening art festival experience. In order to bring you this art festival, thousand of people, talents, technical crew, supporters, partners, industry connectors, sponsors and volunteers have worked tirelessly and enthusiastically for months. There is so much more to experience, and there is plenty of time to see it all. Talents Mode Art Festival is free of charge.

Each talent and festival theme program contains detailed information; the performing section for that event is in the digital guide and downloadable. It will be available to download from 2021 when the Talents Mode Art Festival full program is announced. 

We also encourage you to sign up with Talents Mode “LIKES” to show your support and encouragement to our talent's performance.

If you want to know more about the talents or their artworks before the event or after the event. Subscribe to our pages or social networking sites to have regular updates and offers to access to our future Talents Mode events.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our events, please contact us.

Even though some social distancing and health standards will probably be a source of some constraint, we will doubtlessly find in this event a reason to hope for the future of art festival beyond the pandemic.

Plan Your Visit!

We make every effort to ensure Talents Mode Art Festival is made for you to live, work, learn, and play. Come to witness a burst of inspiration right in front of your eyes - you don't need to be a genius to appreciate good talent art! Full Program for all stages :
There are 3 main stages in Talents Mode Art Festival with many different zones. On the Vanity stage, all show presentations and live music bands are performing. Main stage will feature the best of K pop and the Center Stage for the silent performance.

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