About Talents Mode Art Festival Event 2021

Talents Mode Photo & Video Contest 2021

Talents Mode Photo & Video Contest 2021

Do you have the skill to shoot or film impressive photo or video on your digital camera or smartphone that you want to show off to the world?

We are proud to announce that Talents Mode Photo & Video Contest 2021 is now open, embracing the talent art and culture visual expression and continuing the efforts and passion of Talents Mode.

Talents Mode Photo & Video Contest 2021 conducts photo & video contests for professional, non-professional, and anyone photographers and videography on a different level.

Digital camera and mobile smartphone also include categories Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok online platform.

Provide local talents with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the digital realm, the festival, and the city all at once.

Spirit of the Contest

NEU Photo NEU Video

Talents Mode Art Festival's mission is to empower talents in the photo and video discoveries of photography, videography, storytelling, visual editing, editorial board, shooting and filming in the field, interviews, sustain thriving talent capital, and clearly demonstrate the intelligence of the talent group and the power of the artistic gesture. With this joyful and happy moment with art, photography and videography are essential parts of the festival.

Seize the opportunity to challenge, capture, create, and perhaps with some luck, expand commercial possibilities, create for a new signature work, and distribute art.

WHO MAY ENTER: Open to everyone — teams or individuals, either independent or affiliated agencies, companies, NGOs, or organizations.

This contest is open to anyone worldwide except where prohibited by law. The entrant may be a person or a group and must be over the age of 13. Entrants must submit their work in their registered name and their capacity.  If a team does the work, they must first sort out the ownership issue and submit photography and videography work in the name of one (1) participant himself/herself. Talents Mode reserves the right to disqualify the relevant work submitted if there is a dispute about the ownership of the work.

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Why me?

By taking part in Talents Mode Photo & Video Contest 2021, you can win big. Either cash prizes, camera, smartphone, and most important. By winning, you get a chance of a lifetime to ink a project contract with our Big Brand sponsor. What is there not to like?

Having a Big Brand on your portfolio means you will be set for life. This is your time to shine.

Even if you gain no financial benefit, having your photo and video posted on your social media has incredible benefits to attract commercial opportunities.

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